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Real Estate Litigation: Contract Disputes
The attorneys at Bennett & Belfort, P.C. routinely represent buyers, sellers, and owners of real estate throughout the Greater Boston area, in various disputes relative to the sale of both commercial and residential property. Many real estate disputes concern the terms of real estate contracts, deposits, and representations (or misrepresentations) made in offers to purchase and/or purchase and sale agreements. Our team has been involved in both prosecuting and defending issues relating to real estate litigation. This is an evolving area of law, and our attorneys will thoroughly evaluate each particular circumstance to generate a strategy appropriate for the case given the client’s goals.

A hotbed of real estate litigation involves lawsuits relating to claims of fraud and/or misrepresentation made during the real estate transaction process. Generally speaking, the doctrine of caveat emptor applies. In other words, typically, a seller does not have an affirmative duty to disclose known defects in real estate. However, a seller does have a duty not to make affirmative misrepresentations of material fact or otherwise commit fraud, in conjunction with the sale or transfer of real estate.

Whether a real estate dispute is about suing for specific performance in order to compel a real estate sale where a seller refuses to comply with his or her obligations, dissolving a lis pendens, mechanic’s lien or real estate attachment, or litigating issues relating to a real estate deposit, our attorneys provide thoughtful, cost-effective representation in all real estate litigation matters.

If you have an issue relating to real estate litigation please contact our office at 617.577.8800. or email tbennett@bennettandbelfort.com.