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The Commitment

We are committed to providing highly effective legal solutions tailored to fit each individual client’s needs. We accomplish this by:

• Relying on our extensive experience, both inside and outside of the courtroom, in providing realistic advice.
• Thoroughly researching and understanding the legal issues involved and how they apply to each client’s unique circumstances.
• Maintaining sound communication with every client and educating each client, when necessary, about the implications of the law on their particular case.
• Being well prepared and positioned to take a case to trial if / when necessary.
• Providing a candid assessment of each client’s legal matter.

Our firm is highly experienced in representing clients in litigation matters. The core areas of litigation that we focus on include:

• Employment litigation
• Business / commercial litigation
• Construction litigation
• Real estate litigation

The Courtroom
Having one of our skilled trial lawyers as your advocate is an asset. While we always encourage clients to explore early resolution to their legal matters, sometimes the only viable option is going to court and having a trial. We believe that because our opponents are aware of our litigation experience and that we are well-prepared to try cases if necessary, we are able to achieve better results for our clients.

The Communication
Sound communication is vital to each attorney-client relationship. We work hard to create and maintain long term relationships with our clients. We get to know our clients by making ourselves accessible and approachable, responding promptly to telephone calls and e-mails and spending the time necessary to know the facts of each case. If a client does not understand something clearly, we will attempt to explain it until they do. Collaboration and honesty are at the forefront of our core values. By listening carefully and compassionately to our clients while providing objective, realistic assessments of their legal claims, we empower our clients to make well informed decisions about how to proceed.