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Non Compete Lawyer Boston, MA

At Bennett & Belfort, our non compete lawyers in Boston, MA specialize in drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and litigating non compete agreements.

Our lawyers represent both businesses and individuals in all facets of non compete law. We can help draft or review a non compete agreement, in order to provide advice about the enforceability of the non compete agreement, OR we can assist in litigating a non compete agreement.

While businesses need to protect their proprietary and confidential information, non compete agreements must serve a legitimate business purpose (vs. being strictly anti-competitive), and must be reasonably limited in scope (for example, geographic area) and time limitations.

Employees who are asked to sign a non compete or non solicitation clause (or any other restrictive covenant) prior to, or during their employment, should seek advice from a lawyer. Often, restrictive covenants, such as non compete or non solicitation provisions, are over broad and can prevent an employee from seeking new employment in the event they must leave their current employer.

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Top Non Compete Lawyers in Boston, MA

The Boston, MA non compete lawyers at Bennett & Belfort can help draft, review, and litigate non compete disputes, from both the perspective of employers and employees. Litigating non compete agreements from both the employer and employee perspectives, gives us the insight to understand how each side may view the dispute.

The Boston, MA non compete lawyers at Bennett & Belfort understand the ins and outs of non compete contract drafting, review, negotiation, and litigation. Whether you are an employer or employee, our experienced lawyers can help you with any legal issue relating to non compete agreements.

At Bennett & Belfort, our top non compete lawyers in the greater Boston, MA area, educate our clients so they can make informed legal decisions.

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