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Employment Attorney Cambridge, MA

If you are being mistreated at work, or if you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, you should consider contacting an employment attorney. Cambridge, MA is home to the experienced employment lawyers at Bennett & Belfort P.C. Our skilled trial lawyers will advise you how to deal with a current employment issue, or what your rights are under the law if you believe you were wrongfully terminated. Whether your issue involves discrimination, unpaid wages or overtime, sexual harassment, retaliation, misclassification, or the need for a reasonable accommodation, the team of attorneys from Bennett & Belfort P.C. will help you to understand all of your options. If you feel that your current or former employer has violated the law, contact an employment attorney from Cambridge based Bennett & Belfort P.C. today!

subtitle”>Experienced Employment Lawyer in Cambridge

If you believe that you have been retaliated against for speaking out about discrimination or illegal activity in your current or former place of work, our attorneys may be able to help you. We understand the legal process can be overwhelming. We believe in open communication with our clients we throughout the legal process. With years of experience, our seasoned employment attorneys from Cambridge understand the ins and outs of employment suits, and bring that experience to each and every case we take on. Whether a matter involves an employment contract, unpaid wages, discrimination, or other illegal practices at the workplace, we are the team to have by your side when you are in need of an employment attorney. Cambridge professionals and beyond can rely on the knowledgeable experts at Bennett & Belfort P.C.

A Top Employment Attorney From Cambridge

We aim to provide top representation and to assist our clients in resolving employment issues or fight for their rights. If you have any questions regarding a current or potential case, call us today at (617) 577-8800. Oftentimes, employment claims have very short statutes of limitations (the time in which you must file a claim). If you believe you have an employment claim please feel free to call an employment attorney at our Cambridge, MA law office of Bennett & Belfort, P.C.