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Employment Lawyer MA

Hire our employment lawyers in MA

  • Have you been the victim of wrongful termination by your employer?
  • Has your employer discriminated against you or otherwise created or maintained a hostile work environment?
  • Have you been sexually harassed in the workplace?

Bennett & Belfort, P.C. is a law firm serving clients throughout Massachusetts. If you need an employment lawyer in MA, please call us at (617) 577-8800 now.

A Bennett & Belfort Employment Lawyer For Your MA Case

Whatever legal issues you are having in the workplace, a Bennett & Belfort employment lawyer can help advise you of your rights under the law. We can help you attempt to save your job and/or make sure that you are treated better at work, or if necessary, we can file a lawsuit or a claim at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination on your behalf. Our attorneys are experienced in handling employment matters of all kinds.

Our employment lawyers in MA litigate virtually all types of employment law cases, including:

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination (all types, including, but not limited to, racial discrimination, gender/sex discrimination, age discrimination, discrimination based upon national origin, housing discrimination, transgender discrimination, and disability discrimination)
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Hostile Work Environment
  • Retaliation
  • wage and hour disputes, including overtime claims
  • Disputes arising out of Non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, and other restrictive covenants.

If you feel your employment rights have been violated, please contact us. Our lawyers fight for your rights.

Hire An Experienced Employment Lawyer In MA

Hire an employment lawyer with experience in MA by calling Bennett & Belfort.

As a Massachusetts employee, you are entitled to protections under the law and to have working conditions free from discrimination, sexual harassment, and other illegal conduct. If you need assistance with any aspect of your employment, call Bennett & Belfort at (617) 577-8800, for experienced employment lawyers in MA.