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Attorney LeBlanc Advises Employers on Best Practices for Dismissing Underperforming Employees

By July 1, 2015No Comments

CubiclesBennett & Belfort P.C. partner, Eric R. LeBlanc, was featured in an article for IE3 Global, entitled “Dismissing Underperforming Employees:  Tips and Potential Pitfalls.”  Audrey Henderson, who authored the publication, interviewed Attorney LeBlanc regarding proactive safeguards business owners can establish in order to minimize potential lawsuits by terminated employees.

When employers effectively communicate with their employees and treat them fairly, the chances of a terminated employee taking adverse legal action are considerably diminished.  Having represented both employers and employees, Attorney LeBlanc understands the value of effective communication between employers and employees, as well as the notion that employees who perceive that they have been treated fairly are less likely to sue their former employers.As outlined in the article, “Employers should be proactive in the treatment of employees prior to termination versus reactive in dealing with underperforming workers.”

The article can be accessed through the IE3 website (