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Belfort To Co-Chair Panel on Trying Employment Cases On May 18

By May 15, 2023No Comments

Bennett & Belfort PC is pleased to announce that on May 18, 2023 B&B Partner, David E. Belfort will serve as co-chair for the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education’s (“MCLE”) panel, “Successfully Trying Employment Cases in Court, at Arbitration & in Mediation.

Mr. Belfort and co-chair Monica R. Shah, along with panelists Lynn A. Kappelman and Hon. Bonnie H. MacLeod (Ret.), will explore best practices for and pitfalls to avoid when planning and presenting a case at mediation, arbitration and trial.

The Agenda will include:

  • Preparing for Mediation Timing and logistics; Selecting a good neutral; Tips on the mediation memo and how to present your case to a mediator to obtain the best settlement for your client;


  • Pros and Cons of Arbitration Cost-benefit of less delay versus potentially lower damages; Selecting a good arbitrator; Tips for presenting your case at a hearing without a jury and through proposed fact findings and conclusions of law; and


  • Preparing for Trial Courtroom logistics and getting to know the judge; Preparing your client’s story for a jury; Use of witnesses and experts; Use of chalks and other visuals; Arguing legal issues through motions in limine, trial memos, and jury instructions.

The panel will be broadcast virtually and registration remains open at