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Bennett and Belfort, P.C. Partner, Todd Bennett, Speaks at the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Annual Labor and Employment Spring Conference

By April 29, 2014No Comments

On April 24, 2014, the Massachusetts Bar Association welcomed Bennett & Belfort, P.C. partner, Todd Bennett, to the faculty of its 35th Annual Labor and Employment Law Spring Conference.

Todd Bennett Jeffrey Dretler

Joined by his colleague, Jeffrey Dretler, of Fisher & Phillips, LLP, Todd and Jeff led the dynamic presentation on “Drafting and Negotiating Settlement and Severance Agreements.”

Drawing on their extensive knowledge of employment issues, Todd and Jeff presented both the employer’s and the employee’s perspective of how to best negotiate and draft severance and settlement agreements.  This practical skills seminar shed light on critical issues, including:

  • Negotiation strategies;
  • The nature and categorization of payments (wages, emotional distress, attorneys fees);
  • Awareness of the tax treatment of different payments;
  • Non-monetary benefits, such as confidentiality, non-disparagement, references, liquidated damages, no-rehire provisions, enforcement provisions and cooperation with government entities.

The conference highlighted developments in the fields of labor and employment law, which also included a keynote address by the Honorable Nancy Gertner (ret.).  Todd and Jeff’s discussion regarding Settlement and Severance Agreements was an integral part of the conference.

35h Annual Labor and Employment Law Spring Conference