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Sexual Harassment Lawyer Boston, MA

Are you looking for a sexual harassment lawyer in Boston, MA?

If your job has been threatened because you refuse to participate in your supervisor’s sexual advances, you are the victim of a hostile work environment based upon sexual harassment, or you have been retaliated against or wrongfully terminated as a result of sexual harassment or other illegal conduct, such as gender discrimination, our lawyers can help. We strategize with clients in order to put them in the best possible position to obtain a favorable result that meets their desires.

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Boston’s Premier Sexual Harassment Lawyers

We proudly provide highly experienced and aggressive sexual harassment lawyers in Boston.

Sexual harassment should not be tolerated in the work place. If you feel that you are the victim of sexual harassment, you should call our office.

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Bennett & Belfort, P.C. is a law firm in Boston, MA. Our lawyers focus on various employment matters, including sexual harassment cases, throughout the courts of Boston, Suffolk County and Middlesex County.

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Our experienced trial attorneys have tried numerous types of civil litigation cases, including various forms of employment law matters.