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Attorney Belfort to speak at Massachusetts Bar Association’s “Best Practices for Drafting Employee Handbooks”

By March 3, 2021March 10th, 2021No Comments
David E. Belfort. Esq.,

Bennett & Belfort PC is pleased to announce that on March 31st, 2021 B&B Partner, David E. Belfort will serve as a panelist at the Massachusetts Bar Association’s  (“MBA”) presentation entitled “Best Practices For Drafting Employee Handbooks”

The Panelists will address how handbooks and personnel manuals serve as important rules of the road for employees.  The panel will explore how handbooks can prevent lawsuits and also how they play an important role in litigation.  There will be a discussion on various techniques and methods for drafting and reviewing an employee handbook along with key policies that should be included in any handbook.  The panel plans to explore policies that employers are legally required to have, how employee-side advocates use handbook provisions to support employment claims and common mistakes made by employers in their policies and how to fix them.

This will be a virtual webinar presentation.  Registration remains open:  “Best Practices For Drafting Employee Handbooks”