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B&B Attorneys Prevail in Wrongful Termination Case

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Partner, Michael L. Mason  and Associate Andrew S. McIlvaine recently secured an arbitration award of over $150,000 for a client who was wrongfully terminated without cause.  Our client was a financial adviser whose employment contract stated that he could only be terminated “for cause.”  His employer terminated him three years into his five-year contract, claiming he creating a hostile environment for a colleague.  However, after a six-day proceeding, the Arbitrator found that it was our client’s colleague – not our client – who created the hostile environment.  Indeed, the arbitrator concluded that the employer unfairly placed blame on our client in order to support its argument that there was “cause” to terminate him.  The Arbitrator also dismissed the employer’s claims that our client violated the employment agreement, finding instead that the employer breached the contract and was liable for our client’s lost wages.  Congratulations attorneys Mason and McIlvaine for this successful result.