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Levey Quoted In Forbes On Employee Equity Agreements

By February 14, 2023No Comments

B&B Partner, Craig D. Levey, was recently quoted in a Forbes article titled “How to Negotiate Equity in a Private Startup or Company.”  Levey, who often reviews and negotiates equity agreements on behalf of clients, provided his thoughts on how individuals should approach these agreements upon receipt of the document from their employers.

Levey explains, “it is normal business practice to hire an employment law attorney to review and negotiate your equity agreement.  In fact, most companies expect there to be legal counsel involved to ensure the individual has a full understanding of the legal terms included in the proposed agreement.  From the individual’s perspective, you want to enter into the agreement with ‘eyes wide open’ as to all terms, including potential pitfalls.”

Levey also stated that, in his experience, “many individuals have a false expectation as to when the equity options will vest, and legal counsel can provide clarity and suggest revisions if necessary.”

You can read the full article here – How To Negotiate Equity In A Private Company Or Startup (